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"Bridge The Fight" Against Fentanyl Angel Walk 2022

Patty Stovall

Nov 5, 2022


Patty Stovall of the organization, had the honor to attend the 4 Them We Fight (Ohio), and The Never Alone Nick Rucker Foundation (Kentucky) are two non-profit organizations fighting to spread awareness about the fentanyl crisis in our country. Both organizations, "Bridge The Fight" event (Angel Walk), on November 5th. took place on the Purple People Bridge. Parents who lost a child or loved one, professional and government official gathered to raise awareness to the fentanyl crisis, teaming up to highlight the increasingly prevalent dangers within our states/communities. Fentanyl poisoning is now the #1 cause of death in adults ages 18-45 and is rapidly wiping out our younger generation. Every 5 minutes, someone in our country dies from fentanyl. It is time for our county's leaders to act on this critical issue. Lost angels where honored by name and the event was supported by other non-profit organization from around the country.

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