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Billboard Project-Raising Awareness

MERRILLVILLE — There's a new billboard on a lawn south of the corner of 61st and Broadway.

Eight faces smile, pout and smirk from the sign. Some are women, some are men. Each had years of life left to live that were ripped from them too soon.

"Never say, 'Not my child'," the sign says. "The number 1 cause of death for ages 18-45."

"Fentanyl poisoning," in bold, purple letters, stares at drivers motoring past.

When Patty Stovall sees the billboard, she feels an air of pride permeated by an air of polluted sadness. Her daughter Sarah's face has been on each of the billboards she's posted throughout the Region this year, a constant reminder of what she has lost and what she continues to fight for.

"I hope by putting out these billboards with these children allows for other families to come out and say 'Me too'," the Griffith resident said. "I think that’s important. Read more HERE

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