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About Us

Sounds of Sarah Inc. is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to providing a variety of prevention, education, and public services, that focus on the dangers of illicit fentanyl, counterfeit drugs, and addictions. Our mission is to raise awareness of the nationwide opioid epidemic, ensuring the public has access to the necessary information and resources to save lives.

Our impact is to;


  • Provide education, resources, and support services to empower children, families, and the community.

  • Raise awareness and establish partnerships within the community to combat stigma.

  • Strengthen families and promote their integrity as a means to prevent loss of life.

  • Engage in local and national public speaking and educational efforts regarding the fentanyl and illicit drug epidemic.

  • Advocate for changes in public policy

Meaning behind the logo…

After Sarah's passing, we discovered a collection of letters and journals she had penned. In these deeply personal writings, she shared her inner struggles, thoughts, and emotions, shedding light on her battle with depression and the difficulty she faced in opening up to others. Through these words, she conveyed her profound love for her family and children, the weight of her sorrow, her aspirations for a better relationship with her parents, and her unwavering desire to break free from addiction and lead a meaningful life. Her letters were filled with heartfelt apologies for her actions and the relentless struggle to overcome her addiction. It's important to note that she never wanted to die; she was taken from us.

The logo symbolizes transformation and awakening. Each butterfly is meticulously placed, representing the power of collective transformation when individuals with a shared mission unite. Together, our voices are heard, echoing Sarah's desire for a brighter future.


Sarah, a remarkable mother to two children, a loving daughter, and a caring big sister, brought joy to those around her. Her childhood was filled with laughter, and she had a passion for sports, excelling in volleyball and basketball. After becoming a certified nursing assistant, she briefly worked in healthcare before her life was consumed by addiction.

Sarah had an immense love for animals and would bring home every pet she found. Her dogs held a special place in her heart, and today, we believe she walks in heaven with both of them. She also dedicated her time to the family business and engaged in volunteer work during her periods of sobriety.

However, addiction and depression plagued Sarah for many years, stemming from her initial introduction to pills. The grasp of addiction tightened over time, with the last three years of her life marked by periods of disappearance, leaving us in anguish and uncertainty. She fought fiercely against her disease, seeking treatment repeatedly, but the cycle of addiction proved overwhelming. With addiction came numerous consequences. Sarah fell victim to a fentanyl poisoning resulting in her tragic passing on October 20, 2021. It was the kind of phone call no parent or family should ever receive.

It is crucial to understand that Sarah did not want to die; her love for her children and family was boundless. Tragically, after her passing, her personal belongings, including her phone, were never returned, and an investigation into her death has yet to occur. Our hope is to unite with individuals and organizations, both locally and nationally, to become a resounding voice for change. We aim to honor Sarah's memory by preventing other families from enduring the heartache and grief of losing a loved one to the scourge of fentanyl.


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