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About Us

Sounds of Sarah Inc. is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to providing a variety of prevention, education and public services, that focus on the dangers of illicit fentanyl, counterfeit drugs and addictions.Our mission is to raise awareness to the nationwide opioid epidemic, ensuring the public has access to the necessary information and resources to save lives.

Our impact is to;


Offer children, families and the community by education, resources and support services

Empowering the community through awareness and partnerships to reduce stigma

Promote the strength and integrity of families to reduce the loss of life 

Local and national public speaking and education on the fentanyl and illicit drug epidemic

Advocating for public policy change

Meaning behind the logo…

After Sarah passed, a few letters and journals were found she had written. She shared some of her inner struggles, thoughts and feelings about her depression and how hard it was to speak about her feelings to others.  In the letters she expressed her love for her family and kids, her sadness, her hopes to have a relationship with mom and dad and how much she wanted to get clean and live a good life. She shared her apologies for her behavior and how hard it was to stop using.  She was searching for herself for many years and would touch the surface only to fall back to the addiction. 

The logo symbolizes transformation and awakening.  Each butterfly is careful placed together, tightly positioned, to create a powerful transformation. For when a group of individual's come together who have a collective mission voices will be heard.


Sarah was an amazing mother of two children, loving daughter, and a big sister. Sarah was a funny child and loved sports. She was an excellent volleyball and an outstanding basketball player. She became a certified nursing assistant and had worked in the healthcare industry for a short time before her addiction took over her life. One thing Sarah love so dearly was the love for all pets. As a child she brought home ever pet she found. Her dogs were like her kids and today I am sure she is walking the heavens with both of them. Sarah also loved to help out with the family business and did some volunteer work when she was clean. She struggled with addiction and depression for many years in and out of recovery after being initially introduced to pills.  The addiction progressed quickly and became so bad the last three years of her life where Sarah would disappear weeks at a time. Leaving us wondering if she was even alive. She fought her disease, was in and out of treatment, but the codependency and addiction were stronger.  Along with the addiction came so many consequences. Falling into trusting the wrong people, Sarah received fentanyl-laced cocaine and was poisoned, passing on 10/20/21. It was the call no parent or family ever wants to receive. After she passed we were told it was an accidental fentanyl overdose. But the toxicology report reviewed showed poisoning, a significantly high levels of fentanyl.  Sarah did not want to die, she loved her children and family very much.  After Sarah's passing we  never received her personal items including her phone and there was never an investigation into her death to date. It is our hope as we come together and partner with individual's, organization's, locally and nationally, to be a voice contributing to change,  so that other families do not have to suffer the loss and grief of losing a loved one to fentanyl.


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