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PreVenture Program

Sounds of Sarah Inc. is a certified trainer of the PreVenture program. PreVenture is an evidence-based prevention program that uses personality targeted interventions to promote mental health and skill development and delay youth substance use. PreVenture is designed to help at-risk youth ages 12-17 learn useful coping skills, set long term goals, and channel their personality towards achieving them.


Students Going Upstairs

PreVenture incorporates motivational interviewing and cognitive behavioral therapy to help youth better understand and manage the aspects of their personalities associated with risky behaviors and substance use. PreVenture helps youths to:

  • Learn better coping mechanisms

  • Weigh the consequences of their actions

  • Make healthy decisions

  • Set long-term goals

4 Personality Styles


Impulsivity is about acting on the spur of the moment without thinking much about the consequences of an action.

Sensation Seeking

Sensation seeking is the need for excitement, even if it means engaging in risky behaviors

Negative Thinking

Negative thinking is about feeling sad and hopeless, constantly finding the negatives in life’s events

Anxiety Sensitivity

Anxiety sensitivity comes with uncomfortable physical sensations when anxious, and worrying about situations that will make these sensations appear.

Why PreVenture Works

It Provides Answers

PreVenture focuses on youth and introduces cognitive behavioral strategies and coping skills based on individual personality styles

It Encourages Mental Wellness

At its core, motivational interviewing and cognitive behavior therapy help youths to understand and manage their risky behaviors.

It’s Evidence-Based

The PreVenture program is based on scientific evidence replicated in trials around the world.

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