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Youth Program to Prevent Opioid Substance Use

Sounds of Sarah Inc. is certified through Overdose Lifeline Inc. to offer the "This is Not About Drugs" (TINAD) program that addresses youth substance abuse with an emphasis on prescription opioids and the opioid epidemic. The evidence-based programs is taught in a classroom setting or small group.  


More About.....

This Is Not About Drugs

  • ​For students grades 6–12

  • Takes place in a classroom, small group setting

  • Aligns with most common health curriculums

  • Fits school time constraints

  • Incorporates NIDA principles and risk/protective factors

  • Companion Parent, Educator Programming

Student Take Away....

  • The risks of prescription pain drug misuse

  • How misuse can lead to addiction, heroin use, overdose, and death

  • How to recognize opioid overdose symptoms

  • Basics of the opioid reversal drug Naloxone

  • The importance of calling 911 to get help for a person in need

  • Understand the disease of addiction and opioid prevention

  • How addiction impacts the individual and their loved ones

  • Alternatives to using substances in dealing with life’s stresses

  • Ways to ask for help and find available resources

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