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About Naloxone

Naloxone (Narcan™) is a medication designed to reverse an opioid overdose during an emergency situation. The medication can be given by intranasal spray (into the nose), intramuscular (into the muscle), subcutaneous (under the skin), or intravenous injection.


Sounds of Sarah Inc. is a registered Indiana Statewide Naloxone Standing Order Entity to distribute Naloxone.

If you are in need of Narcan or test strips and live in Indiana, please send your information to and we can get that shipped out to you.  Or click here to locate a provider near you. 


Important Questions 

How to Use Naloxone (Narcan™) 
for an Opioid Overdose

Naloxone is able to be administered through several different methods. This includes an autoinjector, a syringe, a nasal spray, and an atomizer. Although traditionally naloxone was administered only by emergency response personnel, today it can be administered by minimally trained laypeople. 


Aaron Sims was 20 years old when he passed away from a heroin overdose in October of 2013. 

What is Aaron's Law in Indiana?

Aaron’s Law allows layperson access to Narcan™ without a prescription, thus eliminating barriers to receiving the drug and using it to save lives.

Justin Phillips, Aaron's mother partnered with Indiana Senator Jim Merritt to create a bill titled Aaron’s Law (SEA 406). The bill was signed into law by Indiana Governor Mike Pence in 2015. Under the 2015 law, laypersons, including family and friends of someone with Substance Use Disorder, could access naloxone via a prescription. The individual who administered the naloxone to someone experiencing an overdose was also protected from civil liability. A 2016 amendment to Aaron’s Law (SEA 187) allows individuals to access naloxone without a prescription. In addition, the amendment also offers protections from some civil and criminal charges to laypersons administering naloxone (IN Code § 16-42-27-2). Individual's today are able to access Naloxone at their local pharmacy chains which carry the nasal-spray form of naloxone, making its use by a layperson manageable.

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